boneIO is modular board system to use with smart home system. There are 2 versions of boneIO:

  • boneIO ESP - controlled by ESP32
  • boneIO Black - controlled by Beaglebone Black.

Both project are open source and widely used in houses of our users.

Navigate on submenu to version you’re interested in.

BoneIO Black

boneIO frontpanel


boneIO ESP frontpanel

boneIO is a compact IO controller for home automation. Main features of this controller are

  • DIN rail compatibility
  • Compact size - boneIO Black - 15 DIN modules (27x11x6cm), boneio ESP - 12 DIN modules
  • Low price
  • Open HSP (See below)

Open HSP

boneIO is an Open HSP initiative where everything is open on GPL-3.0 License

  • H (Hardware) stands for projects of electronic boards which you can print yourself
  • S (Software) stands for ready to use firmware you can use on printed hardware
  • P (Printables) stands for cases and other plastic elements you can print on a 3D printer and use with our hardware

With all elements in place, you can assemble a complete device. You can use it as-is or fork and modify it for your needs.

Star topology

boneIO was designed to work with star topology. That means, that you have dedicated cable to every electrical point. For example every lamp and every switch (that you wish to independantly control) should be connected directly to boneIO via seperate electrical wire.

Here you can find some info how to plan this kind of electrical instalation:

YouTube Video Thumbnail