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We would like you to aks you to become our sponsor!

boneIO is an Open HSP initiative where everything is open on GPL-3.0 License

  • H (Hardware) stands for projects of electronic boards which you can print yourself
  • S (Software) stands for ready to use firmware you can use on printed hardware
  • P (Printables) stands for cases and other plastic elements you can print on a 3D printer and use with our hardware

With all elements in place, you can assemble a complete device. You can use it as-is or fork and modify it for your needs.

Your sponsorship will enable boneIO team to spend even more time on this project, make more prototypes available and in the end make final product with all features you’d imagine and all safety certificates required in Europe and United States.

Currently only way to sponsor us is with Maciej Github sponsor page:

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