boneIO ESP Esphome Config.

For instruction connecting boneIO ESP go to: boneIO ESP Hardware Guide


Install software onto your controller

Instructions are available here: /docs/esphome/install2024_3


Outputs have always same names:

Output on boardOutput in config
OUT 01out_01
OUT 02out_02
OUT 03out_03
OUT 04out_04
OUT 05out_05
OUT 06out_06
OUT 07out_07
OUT 08out_08
OUT 09out_09
OUT 10out_10
OUT 11out_11
OUT 12out_12
OUT 13out_13
OUT 14out_14
OUT 15out_15
OUT 16out_16
OUT 17out_17
OUT 18out_18
OUT 19out_19
OUT 20out_20
OUT 21out_21
OUT 22out_22
OUT 23out_23
OUT 24out_24
OUT 25out_25
OUT 26out_26
OUT 27out_27
OUT 28out_28
OUT 29out_29
OUT 30out_30
OUT 31out_31
OUT 32out_32

You can always use output name in switch, light and output type entities.

Predefined software option

There are 2 configuration types prepared for boneIO ESP:

  • Lights - outputs are visible as lights entities in Home Assistant
  • Switches - outputs are visible as switches entities in Home Assistant

For older versions go to our Github and check out v0.5 option.