Dimmer LED different type of lights.

For instruction connecting Dimmer LED go to: Dimmer Hardware Guide

Install software onto your controller

Instructions are available here: /docs/esphome/install2024_3

Dimmer specifics

Outputs have always same names:

Output on boardOutput in config
CHL 1chl01
CHL 2chl02
CHL 3chl03
CHL 4chl04
CHR 1chr01
CHR 2chr02
CHR 3chr03
CHR 4chr04

Different type of lights

As standard dimmer comes with RGBW lights config.

All changes are made in light section!

To change CHL 1 and CHL2 to CCT light.

Remove light which occupies channels you’d like to use:

In this example remove RGBW L light

- platform: rgbw
  name: 'RGBW L'
  red: chl01
  green: chl02
  blue: chl03
  white: chl04
  default_transition_length: 2s
  gamma_correct: 0

Add CCT light to light section:

- platform: cwww
  name: 'CHL_01_02'
  cold_white: chl01
  warm_white: chl02
  cold_white_color_temperature: 6536 K
  warm_white_color_temperature: 2000 K

Add 2 white lights to light section:

- platform: monochromatic
  output: chl03
  name: 'CHL 03'
  id: chl_03
  default_transition_length: 2s
  gamma_correct: 0
- platform: monochromatic
  output: chl04
  name: 'CHL 04'
  id: chl_04
  default_transition_length: 2s
  gamma_correct: 0

Similar steps are needed to change from 8ch to RGBW and from CCT to 8ch etc.

Predefined software option