Esphome Edit on PC

If you don’t have HA yet, you still can edit config of your boneIO ESP.

Editing Esphome without HA, just on your PC is also possible. Similar instruction is here:

In your PC you’d need following software installed:

Fetch Esphome docker image

Run following command in terminal:

docker pull

Run Esphome dashboard

Now let’s start Esphome dashboard. Make directory where your config would be stored eg /home/me/esphome or in Windows C:\Users\me\esphome

Now start docker. Windows CMD

docker run --rm --privileged --network host -v "C:\Users\me\esphome":/config -it dashboard .

In Linux based system:

docker run --rm --privileged --network host -v "/home/me/esphome":/config -it dashboard .

Now in Chrome open website:

Connect with Esphome Addon

Note: For this to work your home network must support mDNS. Your PC and boneIO is in same subnet (same VLAN) in most cases it’d work. boneIO has to be connected to your network and working.

  1. Find your new boneIO device in the dashboard.

  2. Click Adopt

  3. Choose name for our new device

  4. Click Adopt

  5. Now it will prompt for install new software

  6. After install there will be logs visible, you can click stop now


It’s ready, you can edit your config by clicking Edit on your boneIO device.

Make boneIO work without Home Assistant

In config find line:


and add reboot_timeout: 0s to it, so it’d look like:

  reboot_timeout: 0s