Modbus sensors

Modbus sensors

Dependency modules


Modbus sensors component. You need to know address of device you want to connect to! Supported devices:

DeviceModel name
Eastron SDM6301 Energy metersdm630
Eastron SDM1201 Energy metersdm120
Sofar Solar PV Invertersofar

Example config

  uart: uart1

  - id: sofar1
    model: sofar
    address: 1
  - id: sdm1
    model: sdm630
    address: 32

Configuration variables:

  • id (Required, string) - uniquely identifies this device in MQTT and Home Assistant
  • address (Required, string) - modbus address of the device you want to communicate with.
  • model (Required, string) - model schema to use. Check table above to get model name.
  • update_interval (Optional, timeperiod, default: 60 seconds) - update interval. Modbus connection is pretty cpu intensive so customize with care. Minimum is 1 second, but recommended minimum is 10 secs.


  1. Those energy metters can be found in two versions and only one supports Modbus - sometimes it’s marked with suffix M (SDM120M / SDM6301M), other time Modbus is mentioned in the title. Don’t confuse it with cheaper version with suffix D (SDM120D / SDM6301D) - it doesn’t support Modbus communication so it can’t be connected with 2