Dallas DS18B20


DS18B20 is a 1-wire temperature sensor. You can use DS2482. to connect Dallas sensor or OneWire gpio pin (P9.12 only!). To configure OneWire GPIO follow below instructions. If you have DS2482, first configure DS2482 section, then configure sensor list.

Configure P9.12 One Wire

Login to your Beaglebone via ssh. Edit /boot/uEnv.txt with file editor (you need to use sudo eg sudo nano /boot/uEnv.txt) Uncomment (remove # from the beginning) following line:


Reboot device.

Example config

  id: mydallas

  - platform: dallas
    id: temperature
    address: 0x6e0300a279d76428
    bus_id: mydallas
    update_interval: 60s
      - round: 2
      - offset: 5

Configuration variables:

  • platform (Required, string, default: dallas) - currently only Dallas is supported in platform variable. Define it to avoid problems in future versions.
  • id (Optional, string, default: Address of I2C device) - uniquely identifies this device in MQTT and Home Assistant
  • address (Required, int) - Address of Dallas device
  • bus_id (Optional, string) - DS2482 id defined in ds2482 section or dallas id. Default to Dallas bus id.
  • show_in_ha (Optional, boolean, default: True) - Send autodiscovery message to Home Assistant.
  • update_interval (Optional, timeperiod, default: 60 seconds) - how often this sensor should update
  • unit_of_measurement (Optional, string, default: °C) - unit of measurement of the sensor. This does not make any math to switch between units!
  • filters (Optional, list, default: - round: 2) - filter list. See Filters to learn more.