Output module


Expander used in relay board. You likely must have this configured. By default one relay board has 2 MCP23017 installed.

Example config

  - id: kitchenlight
    kind: mcp
    mcp_id: mcp2
    pin: 15
    output_type: light
    restore_state: True

Configuration variables:

  • id (Optional, string, default: value of {kind}_{pin}) - ID to use. It’s used for GPIO input actions and send to HA.
  • kind (Required, string, allowed_values: ['gpio', 'mcp']) - What kind of output it is. For relay board alwas use mcp
  • pin (Required, string) - PIN id of MCP of GPIO. For MCP it’s value 0-15.
  • output_type (Required, string, allowed_values: ['switch', 'light', 'none']) - What type of output it is. Switch/light shows as such device in Home Assistant. Value none means that this output is not published to MQTT. It’s internal use only for other component eg cover.
  • restore_state (Optional, boolean, default: False) - You can enable restore_state option. It’s bit experimental. It saves state of relay or cover in state.json file, which is located in same directory as your config.json. If output_type is None, then this value is overwritten to False!