The logger component automatically logs all log messages to STDOUT.

If you are running boneIO as service then all logs should be visible via journalctl -u boneio or journalctl -f.

Default log level is INFO. If you run from command line there are arguments: -d or -dd eg

boneio run -c config.yaml -d
boneio run -c config.yaml -dd
  • -d - means that debug logs will be shown for application, but not submodules, like mqtt client, modbus bus.
  • -dd - means that debug logs will be shown for app and submodules.

Debug logger can be configured via yaml as well.

Example config

  default: DEBUG
    pymodbus.client: DEBUG

Configuration variables:

  • default (Optional, string) - Default log level for application.
  • logs- Manually specify log level for submodules of application as dict, where key is name of the logger module and value is log level to set.