Cover module. It can be used with cover board and relay board as well. This is experimental module, so testers needed!

Example config

  - id: kitchen
    open_relay: mcp1-gpb5a
    close_relay: mcp1-gpb4a
    open_time: 22
    close_time: 22
    show_in_ha: yes
    restore_state: yes

Configuration variables:

  • id (Required, string) - ID to use for cover.
  • open_relay (Required, string) - Relay ID which open cover. It has to be set in output section.
  • close_relay (Required, string) - Relay ID which close cover. It has to be set in output section.
  • open_time (Required, integer) - Time to open cover in seconds.
  • close_time (Required, integer) - Time to close cover in seconds.
  • device_class (Optional, string, allowed_values: ['awning', 'blind', 'curtain', 'damper', 'door', 'garage', 'gate', 'shade', 'shutter', 'window']) - Type of device to see in Home Assistant.
  • show_in_ha (Required, boolean, default: True) - Send autodiscovery message to Home Assistant.
  • restore_state (Optional, boolean, default: False) - You can enable restore_state option. It’s bit experimental. It saves state of relay or cover in state.json file, which is located in same directory as your config.json. If output_type is None, then this value is overwritten to False!