LM75 temp sensor


One of temperature sensors used in relay boards. You can have the other one mounted, so first check what hardware you have! Only one LM75 is supported right now.

You need to know I2C address of device you want to connect to!

Example config

  - id: temp
    address: 0x48
    update_interval: 60s
      - round: 2

Configuration variables:

  • id (Optional, string, default: Address of I2C device) - uniquely identifies this device in MQTT and Home Assistant
  • address (Required, string) - I2C address of the device
  • update_interval (Optional, timeperiod, default: 60 seconds) - how often this sensor should update
  • unit_of_measurement (Optional, string, default: °C) - unit of measurement of the sensor. This does not make any math to switch between units!
  • filters (Optional, list, default: - round: 2) - filter list. See Filters to learn more.