DS2482 I2C One Wire Bus


DS2482 is I2C - 1-wire bus, so boneIO can read temperature from DS18B20 sensors.

You need to know I2C address of device you want to connect to!

Most common address is set up to 0x18. You can connect multiple DS2482. For first setup turn on debug logging for app or at least for module boneio.helper.loader. DS2482 will scan for all available devices connected to it. You will see logs like:

2022-04-13 11:14:22 DEBUG (MainThread) [boneio.helper.loader] Found device with address 0x6e0300a279d76428

Example config

  - id: ds2482
    address: 0x18

# Individual sensors
  - id: temp
    address: 0x6e0300a279d76428
    bus_id: ds2482
    update_interval: 50s

Configuration variables:

  • id (Reguired, string) - ID to use in Dallas section declaration.
  • address (Optional, string, default: 0x18) - I2C address of the device

For configuration of sensor list go to Dallas