I2C Frequency in boneIO ESP


Hi, the latest Esphome moved logs about slow OLED response from debug to warning. You’d see:

Components should block for at most 20-30ms

In order to get display response faster we need to speed up I2C bus. So please change your I2C config (frequency changed from 100kHz to 400kHz).

New I2C config.

  - id: bus_a
    sda: GPIO14
    scl: GPIO15
    scan: True
    frequency: 400kHz
  - id: bus_b
    sda: GPIO17
    scl: GPIO33
    scan: True
    frequency: 400kHz

Changes are already present in our github repository with Esphome config.

https://github.com/boneIO-eu/esphome/ .

Just remember to choose branch based on your board version.