How to gather logs?

There are several ways to gather logs from boneIO ESP. The easiest is to go to Esphome dashboard and click Logs of the boneIO device.

But sometimes it’s not enough. It has some dependencies which might make troubles. Your browser has to be open.

There are other ways to gather logs to the file, so you can see it later.

You’d need one of the following:

  • Linux system with tmux installed (or byobu, or shell-rc),
  • HA OS with addon installed and activated Advanded Web & SSH Terminal with disabled protection mode!.
  • HA on debian with addon Advanded Web & SSH Terminal with disabled protection mode!

Linux systems

For linux system you’d need install esphome through eg pipx. pipx install esphome, copy boneio config and run following command

esphome logs boneio.yaml | tee boneio.log


For HA methods in Advanded Web & SSH Terminal run following:

docker ps | grep esphome

Make sure that last column is addon_5c53de3b_esphome. If not replace string in below command with the one you have.

Prior to run command make sure you do have enough space to save logs in your folder.

I assume that:

  • addon name is addon_5c53de3b_esphome
  • boneio config is /config/esphome/boneio.yaml


 docker exec -it addon_5c53de3b_esphome /usr/local/bin/esphome logs /config/esphome/boneio.yaml | tee /config/boneio.logs

Leave the terminal alone now. Logs will be saved to /config/boneio.logs. When you done don’t forget to kill the command, because it will consume your space, RAM and CPU. Kill it simply by clicking CTRL+C in terminal.